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Fasten your belt to live you dream with top MBBS colleges in Delhi

Fasten your belt to live you dream with top MBBS colleges in Delhi

Aug 16, 2023


India's medical and healthcare sector is expanding, with more hospitals and medical institutions opening their doors each year. However this may seem like wonderful information for those interested in pursuing a career in medicine, it may also be challenging to ascertain which of the MBBS colleges in Delhi is indeed the top medical college in Delhi for MBBS or which of them will offer the greatest value for your money.


One of the many benefits of attending a college or university in India is that it is located close to some of the most iconic and ethnically ranged cities in the world. Whatever you're searching for—cheap flights, far-flung destinations, or an affordable cost of living—Delhi has everything.  In contrast, Delhi medical colleges have far reduced sticker prices, no English language specifications, and merit-based scholarships. These are our top 7 picks from among the best medical colleges in Delhi, where there are several fantastic options to consider.

ALL India Institute of Medical Sciences

UG Courses


MBBS, B.Sc, B.Sc (Hons) and B.Optom

MBBS- INR 1,628/yr

B. SC (H)- INR 6265

BSC- INR 1,390- 3080

B.Optom- INR 4,105


PG courses Fees

M.D, M.S, M.Sc and M.D.S.

MD- INR 5,731

MS- Rs. 5,731

M.SC- Rs. 2705

MDS- Rs. 5731


Doctoral courses Fees
DM, M.Ch and Ph.D N/A


Maulana Azad Medical College

UG Courses Fees
M.B.B.S  INR 24.45 K


PG courses


M.D., M.S., P.G.D., and M.Sc.

M.D- INR 39 K - 46.8 K

M.S- INR 46.8 K


Doctoral Courses Fees
M.Ch INR 76.8 K - 81.8 K

Lady Hardinge Medical College

UG Courses

MBBS- INR 1, 655K/yr

B.SC HONS- INR 7,355K/yr





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PG Courses Fees MD,MS

MD- INR 18.600K/yr

MS- INR 18,600K/yr

Doctoral courses Fees
D.M and M.Ch

M.Ch- INR18,600K/yr

DM- INR 76.8 K for 3 years


University College of Medical Sciences, University of Delhi


UG Courses Fees

B.Sc- RS 6.445/yr

MBBS- Rs 7,045/yr


PG Courses Fees
M.Sc, MD, MS, PG Diploma, MDS

M.Sc- Rs 25,800/yr

MS- Rs 40,600/yr

MD- Rs 40,600/yr

MDS- Rs 40,600/yr

PG Diploma- Rs 26K (2 years)


Vardhaman Mahavir Medical College


PG courses Fees

MD-Rs 1,34,100

MS- Rs 1,34,200


Ph. D courses Fees
DM, M.Ch

M.Ch- Rs1, 03,100

DM- Rs.1, 03,200


UG courses Fees
UG- MBBS MBBS- Rs 50000/yr


Jamia Hamdard University


UG courses Fees




B. Pharma

 D. Pharma




Rs 63 L

Rs 3.6 L-4.5 L

Rs 3L

Rs 4.8-7.6 L

Rs 30 Lakhs

Rs 6.3 L-13.8 L

Rs 3 L



PG Courses Fees


M. Pharma

 P.G Diploma


Master of Surgery


 M. Optom


Rs1.8 L-4.5 L

Rs3.7 L

Rs 19.5 L

 Rs 6 L-1.2 Cr


 Rs3 L

Rs 3.6 L

 Rs 3 L


Army College of Medical Sciences

Courses Fees
MBBS Rs 20.57 L


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