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How should you choose GMAT exam dates?

How should you choose GMAT exam dates?

Nov 22, 2022

Millions of MBA applicants have their sights set on the Graduate Management Admission test, one of the top tests in the nation. If you're considering taking the GMAT, you probably already know that you can attend it several times during the year. How you select the GMAT test date is the conundrum.

The following are the aspects you need to contemplate before selecting your exam date. 


Understand the deadlines you are aiming towards.

Typically, MBA programs have three application rounds; however, some schools have four or more, while others may only have two. So, once you have prepared a list of programs you want to apply to, look up their application deadlines on the program websites and decide which round you want to be considered for.

Identify your desired score

Each school has its definition of what a respectable GMAT score is, so you'll need to do some research to determine what your target score should be. It is important to be aware of this information before choosing an exam date and starting your preparation.  The reason is that a student aiming for a score of 720 will require a lot more time than a student aiming for a score of 660.

You must set goals for the three GMAT exam sections, Quantitative, Verbal, and Integrated Reasoning, in addition to your overall GMAT score. If you want to apply to a top-ranked school, you should probably intend to get a top Quant grade because some of the best MBA programs are quant-driven. It will be easier for you to estimate how much time you will need for preparation if you are aware of the GMAT sections that your chosen schools will be emphasizing.

Recognize your baseline score

Taking practice examinations is without a doubt a crucial part of GMAT training. So, before you start your GMAT study, take an official practice test from, the website of GMAC. A baseline score from your first practice test will show you how far you are from your aimed score and assist you in determining how much time you need to study before taking the actual GMAT.

Set a realistic study schedule

Some applicants require almost 280 hours or more to get prepared for the GMAT.  However, the amount of time needed relies on your baseline score, your target score, your learning style, and your other daily responsibilities.

Think about the time required to retake the exam

You wish to be able to retake the GMAT exam and, if possible, take it a third time if you receive a dissatisfactory score on it for whatever reason. When choosing GMAT exam dates, try to provide enough time to allow retakes between your exam and your application deadlines. Remember that you must wait at least 16 days between each GMAT test; therefore, you may wish to give yourself adequate time between tests to improve your GMAT skills.
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