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RV College of Engineering Bangalore

RV College of Engineering Bangalore

Jul 19, 2021

If you are looking to get direct admission in RV college of engineering bangalore, look no further. We will cover all the important information you must know if you want to get admitted to RV College of Engineering through direct mode. So, keep reading the article to secure a seat in RVCE. We will also discuss how College Dhundo can help in your admission in RV College of Engineering. So, keep reading the article to know more about the entire admission and consultancy process. But before you blindly jump into the whole process, you must be sure about your career choice and path.

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About RV College of Engineering

RV College of Engineering, aka RVCE for short, is a private engineering college. It was established in 1963 in Bangalore. It is a reputed college affiliated with Visvesvaraya Technological University.

RVCE has 13 engineering branches, each with a specified seat structure.

The NBA Delhi accredits the academic courses at RVCE. AICTE also licenses the RV College of Engineering. The college has an excellent environment and a wide range of facilities available for students.

Why Choose RV College of Engineering

RVCE is one of the top private engineering colleges in India. It offers excellent education quality, experienced faculty, smart classrooms, online learning option, and an excellent placement record.

Admission in RV College of Engineering

A compulsory condition to get a seat in RVCE is that the student must have scored 45% or above in the 12th standard in Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry.

Karnataka CET /OK-CET Entry Examination

  1. 45% of the available seats in RV College of Engineering for Karnataka state trainees are reserved for this category.
  2. CET authority aims to make sure that local students are enrolled in RVCE with the required marks. The student must have obtained at least five thousand rating points based on merit.

COMED-K Entrance Examination

  1. 30% of all the available seats for aspirant students from different states are filled in RVCE through this examination.
  2. A web examination is conducted for aspiring scholars. Students who want to get admitted to RVCE through COMED-K need to secure at least five thousand in the exam. RVCE offers hostel services with facilities such as accommodation and meals.

JEE Main examination

A student who has secured a good cut-off rank in JEE exam is also eligible to get a seat in RVCE.


RV College of Engineering is one of the most popular and preferred choices for Indian and international students. Its second campus was also recently established, known as RV Institute of Technology & Management.

RVCE is a great academic destination to receive quality studies and exposure. RV College offers sound career development and placement opportunities. The college receives huge companies during the placement session offering packages up to 48 lakh per annum.

RVCE provides ICT-enabled classrooms, a library, a state-of-the-art laboratory facility, incubation centers, and hostel facilities. RVCE also receives funding from the World Bank under the technical Education Quality Improvement Programme. Under the NIRF ranking, RVCE stands among the top 100 colleges in India.

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